Valentine game fic

I wrote a continuation for a valentine fic game set by akhikaru. You can find her first part of the fic at

It is my first time writing a fanfic, ever! So there might be errors here and there haha. Without further ado.. here goes.


Pls take it easy on me...Collapse )

A/N: it took me awhile to finish this, akhikaru even pointed out some plot errors in my previous drafts, bless her for taking time to look through it.

Well that is it from me.

Much loves <3
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job, stress? hmm thats whats going on in my mind nowadays i know that my job is not stress but its just the environment that makes it stressful. i am thinking of way to make it less stressful but i am not coming out with anything.

i am somebody to whatsapp me or oc me but nobody did... i am kinda tired to have initiate a conversation with min hui or nigel but if i dont.. they wont talk to me at all.... i have tired that today and the results were expected.. non of them whatsapp me or oc me... haih now that min hui will not be coming to kpmg.. i am feeling sadder..

oh well tmr is a new day, this time i will continue to say good morning to them and see where that goes haha wish me luck ;P
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i just found out that my company laptop needs to encrypt ALL thumbdrives before i can put any new files in... haih so mafan la... i canot put anything in my handphone also... so i have to upload all my arashi shows and new songs into Mega and ask richard to download them using his laptop.. its a lot of shows man... a lot of concerts also... at least i can watch it in my laptop but i need to go great lengths for them to be in my hard disc.. i want them in my hard disc la cos i dont want them to get lost or corrupted. so for safety measures i am putting my trust into richard to safely download all of my files and store them into my hard disc.

keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that they will be safely in my hard disc
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2013 went by in a flash, again. It seems like life is passing by me so quickly that I have tosit quietly in a corner to fully comprehend what happened this pass year. But it seems like its just like any other years.. I am currently applying for a job, my aunt says she will help me by sending my application to the partner of the firm, whom she knows, hopefully I will be accepted. In February, my results will be out and after that I am going Hong Kong! Can't wait to see my friends again for what hopefully is not the last time. Can't wait, but I don't feel like working yet, but I realised I can't just stay home without earning an income. So I will suck it up and go through the hardships of working. Hey maybe my working life won't be that bad. Maybe I can get a boyfriend like how Shaun found his girlfriend hehe, that's not too bad.

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Ntg much has been going on, finals are coming and my friends are concentrating in revisions. I wonder why am I not doing that.. I have a feeling that I am going to fail but I am not doing anything to prevent it. What's wrong with me..

I also bought an Arashi charity charm, it took me forever to find the cheapest one and when I thought I did, a cheaper one appeared a few days after I paid argh! Oh well, I am thinking of buying a fan made phone strap but negotiations are slow
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